The North Star

poster_finalFor generations, humans have relied on the North Star to guide them home. But it’s a lot of pressure, not to mention lonely, shining brightly in the great big Milky Way. During the winter months, the North, as she’s known to her friends, is content to share the northern sky with the seven sisters of the Pleiades, who regale her with exciting tales of their journey around the world. And every year when the Pleiades migrate southward, loneliness returns to the North as she is left behind … again. But one night, as the sisters are preparing to transform into their earthly forms to travel, she decides to go on an adventure of her own—and she hitches a ride on the wing of a dove.

Millions of miles below in Victorian England, Sarah Grace and her mother Violet await the return of her father, Captain William Grace, whose ship has been lost at sea. Despite his celebrated nautical career with the British East India Trading Company, the Bombay has neither been seen nor heard of since casting off two years prior. In fact, travelers around the world have been thrown off course by the disappearance of the North Star … which, one day, just disappeared.

Join the North and Captain Grace on their adventurous journey to make it home for the holidays, because when it’s all said and done, there isn’t anything more important than being home.


I am proud to announce that all proceeds from the purchase of
The North Star go directly to the Carolina Dance Foundation.





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