Peggy Noodle, Hula Hoop Queen is a fun story that proves that nobody is good at everything, but we can all be good at something if we try hard enough. While our protagonist tried but failed at basketball (after friends urged her to join the team because of her long arms and legs), she finds an elder friend who encourages her to try hula hooping. Peggy Noodle’s feeling of success at hooping is increased exponentially when she brings her friends and former basketball teammates along on a hula hooping adventure.

This is a story that reminds us all that it is okay to try and fail, and it’s even better when you try something brand-new and practice to become successful. The book also reminds us that by encouraging friends, we find even greater satisfaction and success.

This book takes place in 1957, and the author, Dolly Dozier, references a variety of historical events throughout the story. In addition to the book, the author provides a Parent and Teacher Guide with Classroom Connections – Social Studies for each of the events referenced, as well as Physical Education and Psychological Connections. An Art Connection is also included with an interview with the illustrator, Monica Wyrick.

This book is sized as what the author calls a “pocket book,” that can be easily held by children.

I recommend this book for kids aged 7-12.”

Barbara Hengstenberg, Creativity Sparks
for Peggy Noodle, Hula Hoop Queen


“This is a charming story about how someone who turns being a little different into a fantastic opportunity to make new friends. Good life lessons for boys or girls. Two thumbs up!!”

– Rita, Peggy Noodle, Hula Hoop Queen 


“It was FABULOUS!”
– Catherine PoolerThe North Star


“Both my 5 year old and 9 year old liked it.  It is on shorter side, so your  older readers with get through it pretty quickly.  I personally liked the  lessons about self-esteem, self-confidence, friendship and determination … You can easily make this a learning tool!”
– Lisa Reviews | For the full review, go to Lisa Reviews


“From the moment I opened Peggy Noodle Hula Hoop Queen I was hooked. It’s a feel good book that teaches a number of important childhood lessons like making  friends, finding out what you’re good at, and how to be yourself…and proud of it! The illustrations in the book are beautifully done in black and white by Monica Wyrick. Your kids or students can work together to connect the struggles of Peggy’s first year in Peak City to the troubles they sometimes find with friends.”
–  Arielle, A Carton of Milk (NYC) | For the full review, go to A Carton of Milk’s Book of the Week: Peggy Noodle, Hula Hoop Queen


“This is a wonderfully written story with beautiful illustrations. My daughter really enjoyed the story and the characters. She reads at a 2nd-3rd grade level and this was a perfect length story with appropriate vocabulary. Order this book and maybe it will start a discussion with your children about what you liked to do when you were young!”
5 starsJohn Fedorjaka & Margaret Corrigan (Apex NC, USA)


“As our first chapter story book, I was shocked that my children, both under 3, listened and understood the story. The words fiasco and Hoopla are going to be repeated the next few days I’m sure! :)”
5 starsTiffany Jo (New Philadelphia, OH)

“My daughter & I are in the processing of finishing this book. She is a first grader that loves to read. This has been a delight to read with her. Can’t wait to finish it!”
4 starsMiranda Wilcox “miranda_wilcox”

“I bought this in Kindle format because my 8yo dd was excited about hula-hooping and her Kindle. We enjoyed the book and would consider others by this author.”
5 starsAYorski


“Ordered this to read to my grand kids while babysitting. They loved it and told their Mom all about it the next day.”
5 starsPeggy

“Really good book. I think this should be able to be on l the number 1 book in the world.”
5 starsSashanna Roman

“This book was a problem for my family… daughters (ages 4 and 5) insisted on staying up WAY past their bedtime to have me read the rest of the book to them. Such a cool story. I can see it being great for so many ages – my daughters are on the young side, so they simply enjoyed the story and the great illustrations. As they get older I think it will be a nice book to read to them again to spark a conversation about my childhood. And, ultimately, as they become independant readers, this will be a perfect story for them to read (ALONE!) at night. Can’t wait for the next one!”
5 starsBernard M. Porter
“I was a hula hoop diva growing up and reading Peggy Noodle, Hula Hoop Queen was just awesome. It bring back memories of times less techie and so much fun.”
5 starsC.J. (Raleigh, NC, United States of America)
“This book was delightful; the lesson it imparted was a good one for any youngster who feels out of place or different for any reason. Very well written, and the pictures are charming.”
 5 starsGazebra
“I loved this book. It was fun to read and my 5 year old son thought the hula hoop was such a cool idea we bought him one. Now we just need Peggy to show him how it works. I like the lesson that it teaches that it is ok to be different. You needd to find your own activity that makes you happy not what everyone else thinks you should be doing. It is great for children of all ages.”
4 starsCathy Howard