I was excited to participate in the North Carolina Museum of History‘s Celebrate North Carolina Sports day, held downtown in our fine capital city, Raleigh.

The weather was exceptional, the hoopers spectacular, and the laughter and giggles indefatigable. If you haven’t participated in one of our HOOPLA’s, you don’t know what you’re missing. I was especially pleased to see so many mothers, fathers and grandparents getting into the swing of things. There were some really young hoopers, and some daredevil hoopers. One kid hooped two around the neck, and another kept eight going around her waist (and won the battle against gravity and momentum trying to topple her over). And since I have to really concentrate to keep my one hoop going for more than ten revolutions, I was seriously impressed with our young hoopers.

Special thanks to Sara Phoenix and The Vegetable Circus. And a resounding round of applause to the North Carolina Museum of History for being such gracious, wonderful hosts. Lunch was a yummy treat, and the water was a welcomed respite from the sunny heat.

A handful of videos from the day are posted on www.Facebook.com/PeggyNoodle.

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