Fun Day in Apex

After dusting off her hoop, Peggy Noodle was back to her shenanigans with young readers and hoopers last weekend. Thanks to the cute little boutique artist’s haven in downtown Apex, Southern Home Crafts, a whole crop of new readers are enjoying Peggy Noodle, Hula Hoop Queen. Check out this sparkly pink hoop!

Peggy Noodle, Hula Hoop Queen … is Back!

Friends, I’ve had so many requests for Peggy Noodle that I decided to dust her off, do some revisions and re-issue a second edition. Tell everyone you know! And if you’ve got a local bookstore, please tell them to look for Peggy Noodle through their regular channels (like IndieBound, B&N and Amazon).

Leap Into Literacy

I had a great time at the Olive Chapel Elementary Leap Into Literacy Week reading this morning. I read to a third grade class, then had a break and rounded out the day reading to two first grade classes. The kids were engaged, enthusiastic and hysterical. When I asked if anyone knew anything about 1957, the … Continue reading

Celebrating my 20th anniversary!

I hope your day is as happy as mine … twenty years ago, I kicked off a lifetime adventure with the man of my dreams. Two decades later, we’ve traveled the world, laughed and loved, and created the best son in the world. Happy Anniversary to my love!

Hello West Yadkin Elementary!

I was so excited to open the mailbox this afternoon to find the most wonderful Thank You note from Ms. Holder and her second grade class at West Yadkin Elementary School in Hamptonville, North Carolina. Anybody who knows me knows I LOVE to get mail! Writing letters to your friends and family is becoming a … Continue reading

Happy Pi Day!

Sixteen years ago, this writer became a huge fan of the mathematical constant, Pi. Not only is it Albert Einstein‘s birthday, it’s also my son’s. And Peyton has been the brightest highlight in my life, my greatest joy, my best accomplishment. So today, we’ll all don our Pi shirts, enjoy chicken pi tonight, and cake … Continue reading

The North Star was beautiful!

I had so much fun over the weekend watching the amazing choreography by the Carolina Dance Foundation for The North Star. What was a paragraph or two in a book was able to be interpreted into several beautiful vignette dances on stage. You can follow this link to get to the CDF’s sneak preview of images, but I … Continue reading