Peggy Noodle, Hula Hoop Queen

Peggy Noodle is a fun read. Peggy’s dilemma of ‘awkwardness’ is put to rest as she meets the challenge of conquering a new sport shown to her by Clara, an elderly neighbor. This easy reader encourages  self esteem, depicts competition, and friendships.”    — Carol Crane

Peggy Noodle, Hula Hoop Queen

The summer of 1957 is an exciting time in Peak City, where the community’s all abuzz with talk of Hillary and Norgay climbing to the peak of Mt. Everest, and wondering if they’ll see Sputnik pass by overhead as it orbits the Earth. And then there’s Peggy Noodle, the twelve-year-old new kid on the block who’s different and interesting, and teaching the kids in her neighborhood that there’s more to her than meets the eye. Tall and adventurous, Peggy Noodle seems like a shoe-in for her school’s basketball team. But there’s not an ounce of basketball skill in her body, and by the time it’s too late to convince the team otherwise, Peggy leads her team to a disastrous defeat. The loss is humbling, and neither Peggy Noodle nor her friends know how to get back on track. So she sets out on her own, with her faithful red-caped canine companion, Penny Noodle, to find a way to spend the afternoons.

She comes across her neighbor, the kind Mrs. Moore, whose son is one of the inventors of the hula hoop. Between Mrs. Moore’s kindred, adventurous spirit and inviting back yard, the two forge an unlikely friendship that helps Peggy Noodle’s confidence soar through the roof. They hatch a plan to bring the First Annual Tri-City Hoopla to Peak City and along the way, not only do they draw Peggy’s friends into the fun of hula hooping, but they help the community to build a legacy and prove that when you find something you love to do, it’s easy to do it well.

~ ~ ~

Illustrated by Monica Wyrick
32 pages, historical fiction
young reader chapter book, ages 6 – 9

ISBN: 978-1935711-12-4
LCCN: 2011939581

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