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Celebrating my 20th anniversary!

I hope your day is as happy as mine … twenty years ago, I kicked off a lifetime adventure with the man of my dreams. Two decades later, we’ve traveled the world, laughed and loved, and created the best son in the world. Happy Anniversary to my love!

Jump Rope for Good Health

I really like this 15 minute jump rope workout I found on Real Simple. Check it out when you’ve got a moment. Like hula hooping, you can jump rope at home, and the equipment investment is really affordable (under $25 and you’re set). You just need open space, a few minutes, and a full bottle of … Continue reading

A Jump-Roping Poll

Greetings fellow hoopers! Like hula hooping, jump roping is a great way to incorporate fitness and nutrition into your daily routine. I’m taking a poll today to find out a little bit about jump roping … because Peggy Noodle’s next adventure will include another universal activity: jumping rope.. Please pass the word and leave a comment! … Continue reading

Happy Easter

H A P P Y   E A S T E R ! What a beautiful Easter Sunday we’re having in central North Carolina. I plan to spend it doing a little gardening this morning, then enjoying a beautiful hike with my son and my husband, and then we’ll join family and friends for an early … Continue reading