Mark Your Calendars: July 27 Book Club Discussion & Fun Activities with Peggy Noodle

coverJoin me (the author) on Saturday, July 27 from 9:00 – 10:45 am ,
at All Booked Up in Apex, for the Peak City Publishing Character Building Series book club selection, Peggy Noodle, Hula Hoop Queen!

Book Club participants can look forward to discussion, an autographed book, activities, refreshments … and a tiara!

During the book club discussion, we will talk about:

–  Peggy’s situation when her team loses the basketball tournament;
–  Peggy’s attitude toward the loss and what happens when she discovers the hula hoop; and
–  What it feels like to be really (and finally) good at something.

We’ll have fun after the discussion hearing about what everyone is good at. And don’t be shy: it’s okay to share things that some people may not know about you. We’ll also be creating paper trophies heralding to the world the things you are greatest at. We’ll also have tiara’s for being the Queen of whatever you do best. It’s going to be a great morning! Spread the word!

peak_city_taglinesPS. Plan ahead and enjoy lunch at one of the great restaurants in historic downtown Apex!

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