Celebrating Kindness … Indeed

I bleed Wolfpack red. Did you know that?

I’m so extremely proud of the NCSU’s (#20) victory over no. 1 Duke on Saturday. I was at the YMCA while the game was on, though it wasn’t until the last 1:30 of the game that my son and I actually stopped to pay attention (I’m no basketball fan, but I can get behind my Wolfpack). Here in North Carolina, like all of the ACC states in the nation, basketball is a big deal.

What an exciting finish! If you missed it, the last ninety seconds of the game were a whirlwind of fouls and free throws, three-point shots, and pure adrenaline. I don’t think Mike Krzyzewski has seen a Pack this strong since the Valvano glory days. But what was even more exciting than the win … even more overwhelming than the sea of red and white-clad fans rushing the court … even more touching than the pride felt by the player’s families for a hard-fought victory … was C.J. Leslie’s remarkable move to help student Will Privette, who was knocked from his wheelchair in the mad dash to center court.



I’m a big believer in the news reporting on good things happening in the world, too, and this act of kindness is, indeed, remarkable. Here’s the victory dash.

Check out C.J. and Will’s feel-good story across the Web:

USA Today
Huffington Post
The News and Observer
Backing the Pack
NBC 17

Thanks, media, for focusing on something spectacular!

– – > Have you heard any good news in your neck of the woods? Share it with us!


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