Swing by your local library for International Games Day

I LOVE playing games. I read in the paper this morning that many local libraries are hosting game playing sessions for International Games Day tomorrow.

Whether it’s a board game, card game, or classic video game, sign me up! My son’s 14 and a half now, but from the time he was about five until he was twelve, we kept three or four games on the dining room table and played a game every night after dinner. As a result, he’s a whiz at math and can spell like there’s no tomorrow. But more than that, my husband, and our son and I had a great time. We laughed and talked about our day, teased each other, and worked hard to win. But high school homework occupies so much time in the afternoon and evenings that playing games is now a luxury. Our game playing is relegated to shared electronic games of Scrabble, Boggle, and Words With Friends on the iPad, which is fun and immeasurably faster in board re-sets … but when it’s too cold or rainy to do things outside, I can get my son to play real, tactile games with me. And I’m in heaven. Here are my top picks for family fun!


Check the link to see if your local library branch will have games tomorrow, or just give them a call. Even if you play at home with a nice mug of hot chocolate and cinnamon toast, challenge your family and friends to a game of wits!


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