Double-Dutch Rhymes?

I’m finishing up the manuscript for the second installment of Peggy Noodle, called Double-Dutch Duo … and I’ve had fun collecting rhymes and songs from my friends and family to include in the story. Here’s an easy, but really fun one, from my friend Angie:

You say this very slowly:

“Mable, Mable set the table …
Don’t forget your red hot beans …”

And after you say “bean,” the twirlers start going super-duper fast to see how long you can make it.

Got any rhymes or songs to share? You can leave them in the comments, or if you’d like to record yourself singing them I’ll post them on my site and on Peggy Noodle’s Facebook Fan Page.


2 thoughts on “Double-Dutch Rhymes?

  1. When I was in grade school we jumped rope everyday at recess. Double-dutch too!
    I just can’t remember any of the rhymes we said. But, man, we were awesome.

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