Check Out “The Brown Mountain Lights,” from Carol Crane and Monica Wyrick

I’m so excited to announce that beloved children’s author, Carol Crane, has just released a new North Carolina legend with my indie publisher, Peak City Publishing. AND, it’s beautifully illustrated by Monica Wyrick.

The Brown Mountain Lights, A North Carolina Legend is the story of a family of Irish immigrants who journey from Pennsylvania to the land that sits beneath the majestic Blue Ridge mountains. A place where the soil is rich for farming and the nearby stream beckons and welcomes this travel weary group. This idyllic setting, known as Brown Mountain, becomes the home of Pa, Ma and their three daughters whose story explains the mysterious lights that have danced in the night sky for hundreds of years. Educators can use this book to introduce subjects such as the colonization of America, The American Revolution, and the legendary and scientific theories of the Brown Mountain Lights.
Carol Crane is an author, historian and educational consultant. She travels to schools and conferences sharing her experiences and knowledge with educators and readers. Mrs. Crane is the author of the best-selling P is for Pilgrim, A Thanksgiving Alphabet (Sleeping Bear Press, 2003) and the 2011 USA Today featured book The Christmas Tree Ship (Sleeping Bear Press, 2011). Her books are considered staples in schools, libraries and homes everywhere.
About Monica Wyrick
Monica Wyrick is a lifelong artist who grew up sitting around the kitchen drawing pictures with her siblings. She enjoys nothing more than creating a piece of art that will inspire or bring joy to children. She is a seasoned studio artist, muralist and children’s book illustrator. Among her titles and workbooks, she has illustrated two titles for Audrey Penn (Feathers and Fur and A.D.D. not B.A.D., Tanglewood Press, 2006) and Peggy Noodle, Hula Hoop Queen for Dolly Dozier (Peak City Publishing, 2012). The Brown Mountain Lights, A North Carolina Legend is her second book for Peak City Publishing. Monica has a great eye for detail, color and whimsy. She also has her own line of Celtic-inspired artwork.

2 thoughts on “Check Out “The Brown Mountain Lights,” from Carol Crane and Monica Wyrick

  1. Looking forward to reading Carol Crane’s new book. I am familiar with Monica Wyrick through “Peggy Noodle, Hula Hoop Queen” and love her artistic style. On a side note, I actually own one of her Celtic-inspired pieces. Always an attention-getter in my home 🙂

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