Last weekend I was in Washington DC and had a terrific time! My husband and son went to the Redskins vs. San Francisco 49’ers game on Sunday, and I was on my own to do a little sightseeing. So I walked in the Breathe Deep DC 5K, saw the new Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. monument, had lunch at the Air & Space Museum, hung out in the National Sculpture Garden, and met up with the boys to have a great dinner in Georgetown. We took our time going back to the hotel, and walked from Georgetown all the way back down to the mall … in the dark! The Mall is much different at night. Aside from only seeing two bicyclists and two runners out for their daily exercise, the three of us were it. The Washington Monument looks GIGANTIC at night all lit up. During the day, it fades a bit into the background; but at night, it dominates the space.

The National Air & Space Museum is one of our favorite places, and as I said above, we always have lunch there. I had totally forgotten that Sputnik lived there, and saw it on my way out. I cheered, and many of the people around me took a giant step backward–which was okay, because it cleared out the space for me to take a picture.


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