There’s A Little Queen in All of Us. Really.

I’m typically not a very girlie-girl. That is to say, I’m not a big wearer of pink things, and rarely have anything with glitter or rhinestones anymore. Sure I played with Barbie’s as a little girl, and was a baton majorette (a national champion, thank you very much), and marched in every holiday parade in North Carolina wearing sequined leotards and sparkly tiaras … but that took a sharp nosedive when I started playing soccer in junior high school. The soccer ball and cleats pretty much wiped all semblances of ‘prissy’ out of me. Plus, now I have a son and we play with Transformers and Power Rangers and Lego’s, and model rockets and remote-controlled cars–and soccer. See the new pattern?

But through it all, I have loved tiaras. Maybe it was the baton competitions. Maybe it was when my mother woke me up at 2 AM to watch Princess Diana’s wedding live. Who knows. But I love a tiara.

I think there’s a little queen in all of us. So when I got the release date from my publisher for my forthcoming debut children’s book, Peggy Noodle, Hula Hoop Queen, I decided that I needed a new tiara to wear to the launch party and Hoopla contests, and book signings. Because, why not? I thought you might like a preview of my very special (and very Peggy Noodle) tiara.

For those of you who aren’t tiara wearers, for whatever reason, I’m sure there’s a special, regal quality inside of you, too. My son’s a prince among men, even if his crown is represented by his wacky hair, ruffled from running outside in the wind. I hope to see a legion of children at my Hooplas wearing their signature hats–whether it’s a tiara, crown, cowboy or cowgirl hat, baseball cap, football helmet, bowler, or feather!

  • What best represents your personality?

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